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100% Raw Powerlifting Potomac Open

Manassas Ironworks team member Brad Sherman competed in his first powerlifting meet this previous weekend at 100% Raw Powerlifting‘s Potomac Open Event. 100% Raw is different than many other Powerlifting Federations in that competitors are not permitted to wear any “gear” (no squat suit, bench shirts, etc) and are drug…

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100% Raw Powerlifting American Challenge

Several members of the Manassas Iron Works Power Team will made the trek down to Zion Crossroad, VA on Saturday, June 9th to participate in the 100% Raw Powerlifting American Challenge. Competitors, led by their coach Josh Wehrmann, included Brad Sherman, Michael Richards, Nicole Martin, and Nicole Dirienzo.                        The…

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Capital Classic Strongman Challenge

Manassas Iron Works personal trainer and strength coach, Josh Wehrmann, competed in the 2nd annual Capital Classic Strongman Challenge held March 11th in Arlington, VA. The Strongman Challenge included the following events: Viking Press This event is overhead press of 310 lbs on a Viking Press for maximum reps in…

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Welcome to Manassas Iron Works

We are the areas only hardcore training facility. We offer all the equipment you need, whether you are a gym novice or a competitive strength athlete. We welcome anyone who is serious about getting the most out of working out, while specializing in catering to individuals interested in Sports Performance Training, Athletic Strength & Conditioning, Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting, and Strongman training.

We are not a “health spa”, “health club”, “fitness center” or any other phrase some corporate marketing schmuck came up with to make a gym sound less “intimidating”.  We are an old-school, hardcore, black-iron, training facility. If you are interested in watching 80’s movies from the comfort of a recumbent bike or after workout pizza parties, you should probably look elsewhere. If you are interested in getting serious about working out – serious training, serious strength, serious conditioning, serious performance – then we are the gym you’ve been looking for you.

Do you really think that sullen-faced teenager getting paid minimum wage at the purple and gold gym is fit to advise you on how to achieve the results you want?

Is that corporate “mega-fitness center” where you currently train  invested in seeing you achieve your fitness or athletic goals?  The truth is, to them, you are -at best- just another $29.99 per month cog in their target-group tested, mass-marketed, one size fits all health and wellness profit machine. At worst, they consider you a nuisance – and why? Because you’re serious about your training? Because you workout hard? Because you use their facility consistently? Because someone might be intimidated by you?!?

The fact is, people who were serious about strength training and exercise created and sustained the physical culture movement long before the some health and fitness industry corporate goons decided that anyone with the desire to be exceptionally strong or fit, and the will to then follow through on their goals, was a menace to their bottom line. At Manassas Iron Works we welcome members who are serious about their training, who workout hard, who persevere, and who strive to be their best. At Manassas Iron Works we embrace the traits that are necessary for exceptional achievement. Does your gym? Shouldn’t it?

Manassas Iron Works is staffed by experts with experience in the fields of Strength & Conditioning, Sports Performance Training, General and Sports Nutrition & much more. We are focused on developing one on one relationships with all of our members and are genuinely interested in seeing that they attain the results they desire. Only we are able and willing to provide you with the knowledge, the facilities, the training, and the techniques that will guide you and motivate you to achieve your goals.

Has that “judgement free zone” you workout in turned out to be more than a bit judgmental? Its time you stopped paying to workout at gym that treats you like a second class member only because you are serious about your workout. And its high time you stopped feeling ashamed when people ask you where you workout. Put on your tank top, grab your gallon jug and come to Manassas Iron Works and see what you’ve been missing! Oh, and forget the chalk – we’ve got that covered!


Special Message for Prospective Members:

YOU are now just one step away from joining a great group of people who have been growing stronger, getting healthier, meeting their goals and seeking new challenges at Manassas Iron Works.

We have everything you need – and nothing that you don’t – to get the best workout of your life. Stop by today for a FREE WORKOUT and see for yourself.

To get your FREE trial simply drop by, call us at 703-594-1220, or schedule a free consultation below: