100% Raw Powerlifting Potomac Open

Brad bench press

Manassas Ironworks team member Brad Sherman competed in his first powerlifting meet this previous weekend at 100% Raw Powerlifting‘s Potomac Open Event. 100% Raw is different than many other Powerlifting Federations in that competitors are not permitted to wear any “gear” (no squat suit, bench shirts, etc) and are drug free. (no steriods or other illegal performance enhancers permitted). Their motto sums it up: No Suits, No Shirts, No Wraps & No Drugs! This IS 100% RAW POWERLIFTING!

Wearing a only a singlet and belt, Brad set a personal best of 226lbs in the bench press and another personal record of 407lbs in the deadlift earning him the gold! Congratulations to Brad and to his coach – Mansssas Ironwork Trainer, Josh Wehrmann. We expect to see much future success from Brad, Josh and the Manassas Ironwork Powerlifting Team. Check out Josh Wehrmann’s blog for Brad’s write up about his day!!!

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