Capital Classic Strongman Challenge

Strongman Event - Husafell Stone

Manassas Iron Works personal trainer and strength coach, Josh Wehrmann, competed in the 2nd annual Capital Classic Strongman Challenge held March 11th in Arlington, VA.

The Strongman Challenge included the following events:

Viking Press - Strongman EventViking Press
This event is overhead press of 310 lbs on a Viking Press for maximum reps in 60 seconds.  Josh was able to press out 7 reps for a PR and a 3rd place finish in this event.




Husafell Stone - Strongman Event - Husafell Carry
This event involves carrying a awkwardly shaped stone (in this case the 404lb IFSA metal shield) for maximum distance possible without setting it down.  Despite the awkwardness of this implement, and despite never having trained for this event Josh had a good showing and placed 7th.




Hummer Tire Deadlift - Strongman EventMystery Deadlift
This event is the deadlift of a bar weighted with huge truck tires. The competition weight start at 545lbs increasing by 30lbs each round until the last man is left – miss a single lift and you are out.  With successful lifts at 545lbs, 575lbs, 605lbs, 635lbs 665lbs, and 700lbs, Josh was one of 3 competitors left standing.  His lift at 700lbs went smoothly and   725lbs appeared even easier.  He was able to get 775lbs started, but with the bar bending under the weight of the massive tires, was unable to complete the lift and tied for 2nd in this event.




 Frame Carry - Strongman EventFrame Carry
This event is a carry of a 700lb weighted frame up to 160ft for time with unlimited drops permitted. Minimum time while covering the full distance wins. If no competitor is able to cover the full distance then maximum distance wins. Josh, tiring a little after the first three events still managed a 7th place finish on this implement.




Atlas Stones - Strongman EventAtlas Stones
This event consist of loading 5 spherical concrete stones, weighing from 270lbs to 370lbs each, onto a 50″ platform in a maximum of 60 seconds – fastest competitor with the highest number of stones wins.   After a grueling day, this final event would test the endurance and will of all the competitors.  Josh made quick work of the first two massive stones but ran out of gas on the 320lb 3rd stone.  Despite have limited experience with this implement Josh finish a very respectable 4th place in this event.



Congratulation to Josh, who despite competing for the first time and in the Open division, placed 5th overall missing 4th by half a point and 3rd by 1.5 points.

Thanks to everyone who came out to support Josh.

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